Trident Gulf FZC (currently is managed by Basel Bitar) was managed by Chris Oliver who, thanks to his long service in the Gulf, his professional qualifications and enthusiasm for the products ensures that Trident Gulf has a range of products and services that will remain exemplary.

The executives of Trident have been active in the Middle East since 1975, during which the Oilfield Supplies and the Construction Industry has recognised and valued the many services offered. Following the Gulf War it was recognised that there were other market areas capable of benefiting from the experiences and knowledge gained over these years. This resulted in the formation of Trident Exports Limited to act as a manufacturers representative, and to provide a sourcing and procurement agency for companies based in the Middle East.

It soon became clear that there exists an empathy with Architects and Designers enabling Trident to establish a sympathy for decorative requirements, this led to the assembly of a portfolio of high-end architectural products which is second to none.Having established an enviable reputation, the products of Trident can now be seen in some of the most prestigious projects in the area.

Through very regular personal visits to Arabia and the establishment of a regional office in the United Arab Emirates, we have established an excellent reputation for maintaining contact, good customer service, design assistance and on-time deliveries. Where required we are able to provide installation assistance and project management. Naturally, needs vary according to the project and product, and we are well practised in ensuring that the right balance is maintained. All the manufacturers represented by Trident offer a great deal of design expertise to the client, and we are delighted to effect an introduction as soon as practicable, so that client requirements are more readily understood and accurately interpreted.

As a natural evolution Trident Gulf FZC was registered as a United Arab Emirates company in 2004 in order to provide a more efficient and effective local presence. With offices in Abu Dhabi, where the Government has hugely ambitious plans for growth and in the world-renowned action city of Dubai Trident can justifiably claim to be the area's leading provider of high quality customisable architectural finishes.