Trident markets and promotes Freedom for Designers and Architects, by offering Architectural products in shapes, forms, colors and textures to complete and complement every design. Our role is to bring products to the market meaning that the Design Intent CAN be achieved.

Trident represents manufacturers of high quality architectural products capable of transforming your project. This carefully selected range can both fire and match the imagination, resolving design and production problems, and thereby ensure that no compromise is required. Trident removes one of the major designer frustrations - that of being unable to match the imagination with available product.

Our products are so designed and engineered that clients are assured:

  • Trident products are of the highest quality.
  • Goods will be received on schedule with no delays to the project.
  • Full engineering and technical support provided.
  • No late surprises - projects delivered to the quoted budget.
  • Practical assistance provided at every stage.
  • Trident products add that 'wow' factor to your project.

We provide a permanent presence in the area enabling us to maintain a visit pattern to your practice or to site, providing confidence that we consider ourselves partners in your project, we also ensure that everybody involved is completely up to date with all additions and innovations in the product range, helping you to incorporate excitement into the finishes. This will also enable us to react immediately to your requirements. Our principals are happy to become involved and will actively assist by offering design, drawing and technical assistance. In addition we have local partners who provide factory-trained specialist installation skills.

As a Market based company with the improved understanding and knowledge that provides, Trident Gulf offers a unique and valuable service to both Manufacturers and the design community, ensuring that local Architects and Designers are kept abreast of new developments and evolutions in contemporary architectural products and materials, and that the manufacturer is enabled to establish a link to designers in a buoyant and fast developing market, where design individuality and creativity is encouraged.

Trident Services

As a result of its unique experience and the investment of Trident in its local markets the company is superbly well positioned to provide a complete service to manufacturers of high-end architectural finishes. As examples of the services on offer; Trident can offer a significant number of options to the client company.

By their established presence in the market and the well developed relationships with local architects, designers and contractors allied to the unsurpassed portfolio of products accumulated by Trident Gulf FZC they have earned a reputation as a provider of first-class innovative and exciting products backed-up by excellent local support and market knowledge. Many designers now look to Trident not only to provide that extra 'wow' to their projects but also to fully support their design intent by maintaining the specification throughout the build programme.

Our Principals

Why not visit the sites of the manufacturers represented by Trident, for a more in depth appreciation of our products.